In Image We Trust

Following the biennials and residencies in the United States of America, including Location1 (New York, 2007), Prospect1 (New Orleans, 2008) and, more recently, Zer01 (San Jose, 2010), Miguel Palma opens a solo exhibition entitled “In Image We Trust” on the Nicholas Robinson Gallery in New York this coming January 6th (until February 12, 2011).

“In the show’s eponymous work an iron structure supports a large, rotating disc. On top of this disc a myriad of objects; male and females dolls, militaria, geopolitical maps, vehicles and tools of all kind – a chaotic mess. A fighter plane conceals a surveillance camera and records the disc’s rotation, a projection of which is screened in real time in another locale. Watching the footage it is easy to believe in the recorded image more than in the actual thing. We forget easily, but through the image, we believe.”

(Nicholas Robinson Gallery, excerpt of the press release)

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