Madrid’s ARCO Art Fair Takes a Youthful Approach

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Re-Energized by a New Director, Madrid’s ARCO Art Fair Takes a Youthful Approach to Its 30th Anniversary : How often do disparate art galleries unite behind a single leader? In the competitive world of the art market, hardly ever. But in May, when Carlos Urroz was appointed to replace Lourdes Fernández as the new director of ARCOmadrid, the Spanish capital’s international contemporary art fair, you could almost hear the cheering. Between the slow economy and ARCO’s recent foundering — and the petty controversies that clouded last year’s event — galleries in Madrid and elsewhere were concerned that the popular, once-dynamic fair might slip from its prominent place in Europe’s art commerce. After all, it had gone from attracting 25,000 visitors in 1982 to 148,000 last year — drawing a total of 4 million people since it began — and no one wanted to see the momentum slow the way it has over the past five years [in ARTINFO]

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